Who has never worn or received a ring as a gift in their life? Do you know why the ring is generally worn on the left ring finger? The custom of giving and wearing rings has very ancient origins. The first testimonies that have come down to us tell us how it was the men of the Bronze Age who launched the "fashion" of wearing rings. At the time they were little more than headbands that were worn to beautify the fingers. Yet over the centuries the custom has been "refined" up to the present day, although it was opposed for a period. The fascist regime made the ring a true symbol. In fact, it was at that time that the "ring day" was established, with the gift of gold wedding rings to the homeland.

The Ring was widespread among the ancient Egyptians. Pharaoh's subjects belonging to the priestly caste or nobility used to embellish their fingers with splendid gold rings made to measure and with special characteristics. The rings, in fact, were the real "signatures" of the wearer. In ancient Egypt, documents were signed by affixing the "seal" on the ring. Furthermore, the Egyptian tradition seems to be borrowed from the habit of tying the rings with a small chain. Filament which, however, risked breaking and losing the precious seal.

In the Renaissance the real boom

Over the centuries, wearing precious rings has taken on very specific meanings. First of all, wearing a gold jewel was a real symbol that had to convey the high social "status" of the wearer. It is precisely in the Renaissance era that the ring became synonymous with fidelity. Kings used to give their vassals precious carved rings as a true symbol of the bond that united the crown to the nobility. Symbolism, that linked to fidelity, later also passed into the more common use of the term.

Already in ancient Rome, newly married spouses had the custom of wearing a ring on their left ring finger (the annulus) because it was believed that a vein passed in the left ring finger (hence the tradition which has continued down to the present day). it went straight to the heart.

A passion not disdained by the Church.

In the main museums of the world there are splendid examples of rings from all eras coming from the collections, or from the very fingers, of high prelates. Bishops and cardinals of the Catholic church, in fact, used to wear splendid rings inlaid or with superb precious stones set. The custom among popes of wearing the “piscatorio” ring (the ring of the fisherman of souls) was launched in 1265 by Pope Clement IV. Not only. Since then, each pontiff has worn his own personalized ring which was made immediately after his election to the papal throne and which was destroyed with hammer blows immediately after his death.

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