Earrings for men and women: an ornament that has accompanied us since the dawn of time. In fact, since the Bronze Age, there are historical testimonies that tell us about the passion of men and women for this type of ornament. Egyptian Pharaohs used to wear elaborate earrings, a symbol of their social status. In ancient Greece the use of earrings spread even among the less wealthy classes of the population. At that time, wearing an earring was also customary for the nomadic tribes stationed on the edges of the Hellenic city-states.

In the Middle Ages earrings became a purely feminine ornament.

It was only in the Middle Ages that earrings became a jewel worn almost exclusively by women. Until then, in fact, they could be worn by both men and women alike. The first historical finds of some importance date back to the early medieval period. Splendid artistic compositions mounted on precious solid gold bases. The custom of wearing an earring, however, did not fall completely into disuse for men who continued to show off magnificent earrings to underline their courage in battle or their belonging to the nobility. Fun fact: William Shakespeare also wore an earring.

A quirk for pirates and soldiers.

Men who indulged in piracy used to wear a showy earring in their left lobe. There are many causes behind a custom that has become increasingly established over the centuries. It seems that pirates wore a flashy earring to pay for funerals in the event of their death far from home. Other possible causes include the need to be "visible" below decks during battles. The soldiers of the Napoleonic Old Guard had, among the numerous ordinance requirements, the obligation to wear two large earrings on both lobes. A way to underline the power of a military body that shook the nineteenth-century European courts and which is still held up today as a symbol of strength.

Earrings today.

Earrings today are worn practically all over the world. They can be of different types: traditional and clip-on. The advantage of the clip is that it avoids piercing the lobe and is particularly suitable for impressionable subjects or those who, for any reason, do not want their ears pierced. The production of Blossom Gioielli combines the beauty of flowers with the mastery in the processing of high quality non-toxic resins. A workmanship with attention to individual details that will give you a jewel that is always unique and always different from the others.

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