In recent days we have talked about the language of flowers , today we will talk about the hidden meaning behind the colours. Did you know that each color corresponds to a specific mood? Did you know that we don't choose our favorite color at random? The science that studies these phenomena is called Chromotherapy and is anything but an empirical science. The temperament of a single individual can be easily understood by studying his favorite colors and his way of wearing them. And what color do you prefer?

The meaning of colors

Well, after the initial premise it's time to discover what the meanings hide behind each color. Nothing complicated, obviously, but according to independent studies carried out over the years by psychologists and psychotherapists, colors can take on these meanings:

Black : it is the true negation of color. Those who prefer this color tend to be pessimistic by nature.

White : contains all the colors of the light spectrum. Generally, those who love this color have a strong propensity for others and an optimistic attitude towards life.

Orange : can help fight depressive symptoms. It is the symbol par excellence of fertility and good health of both male and female sexual organs.

Blue : favorite color of those who, despite maintaining a positive and proactive attitude, are not completely satisfied with their life.

Yellow : those who love this color tend to be positive and joyful people who positively welcome the new things that life can offer

Pink : those who prefer this color have a strong predisposition towards their partner and are able to please him in (almost) everything.

Red : “warlike” color par excellence. Those who prefer red love struggle and competition, are winners by nature, have great energy and, above all, a lust for power.

Green : the color of self-aggrandizement par excellence. Those who love this color feel they are better than others and tend to be stubborn in not wanting to change precisely to affirm their superiority.

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