Who we are

The beauty we try to bring into jewellery


We are Chiara and Francesco, two guys who wanted to turn their passion for flowers and nature into a real job. Our jewels are unique pieces, you will never find a jewel equal to another produced by us. The magic of nature, combined with the goldsmith's art learned over the years of training and study, makes our production special. For our jewels we only use the most beautiful flowers that nature gives us.

The flowers, freshly cut and appropriately dried, are immersed in a special resin bath and subsequently mounted on precious silver bases to obtain the handcrafted jewels that we produce with love and passion.

For the creation of each single jewel we take from two to more days of processing. Behind every project lies attention to detail, attention to customers and the desire to amaze with always new and unique ideas. In our production process we do not use industrial machinery, our creations are rigorously handcrafted. Broom, heather flowers, daisies, fern and ivy are just some of the floral essences that make us proud of our production.

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