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Blossom Gioielli

Lotus Flower Ring

Lotus Flower Ring

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The lotus flower is a very important symbol in several cultures and spiritual traditions, especially in Asia. Below you will find the most common interpretations of lotus flower symbolism:

  • Purification and Enlightenment: The lotus flower is often associated with purification and the search for spiritual enlightenment. In Buddhism, the lotus flower represents the ability to emerge from the murky waters of life to achieve purity and enlightenment. The flower therefore symbolizes the ability to overcome difficulties and impurities to reach a state of peace and wisdom.

  • Rebirth and regeneration: the lotus flower is also known for its ability to regenerate and be reborn. In Buddhism, the lotus flower represents rebirth, the process of passing from one life to another. The flower therefore symbolizes hope and the strength to face life's changes and to be reborn anew.

  • Beauty and Perfection: The lotus flower is known for its beauty and perfection. The flower symbolizes purity, elegance and grace, and represents the pursuit of perfection in all things.

  • Wisdom and intelligence: The lotus flower is also associated with wisdom and intelligence. In Buddhism, the lotus flower represents the enlightened heart and mind, wisdom and intelligence that emerge from meditation and spiritual research.

The lotus flower is considered a very powerful and significant symbol, associated with purification, rebirth, beauty and wisdom and its image is recognized throughout the world as a symbol of spiritual elevation.

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The sight of flowers moving with the wind can create a feeling of peace and relaxation. Their fluid and delicate movement seems to be a natural dance that calms the mind and eases tension. The Spinning Flowers collection was created to evoke this spectacle of natural beauty.


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