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Blossom Gioielli

Autumn Path

Autumn Path

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Lunghezza Catena

In the autumn forest, beneath a blanket of leaves,
secrets dance among ancient oaks, lively and cheerful.

A mushroom hidden in the moss, a silent guardian,
tells ancient tales of woods and shivers.

An elegant fern, suspended between earth and sky,
chases the wind with its delicate fronds.

Wild strawberries, a wild ruby,
are dew pearls on the autumn carpet.

Step by step, nature whispers,
secrets of life and peace in the autumn air.

A necklace woven with mystery and enchantment,
carries the essence of a harmonious forest.

So, among oaks, mushrooms, ferns, and strawberries,
a walk becomes a song, an ode.


We make all our items in 925 silver and in its golden and rosé variants.


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