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Blossom Gioielli



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Limonium, commonly called statice or limonium, owes its name to the Greek word “leimōn” which means “meadow”.

It is also known as "paper flowers" due to their robust composition and ability to last over time, which makes it one of the most popular choices for floral decorations.

Special meanings have been attributed to Limonium since Victorian times. It is typically used to express feelings of sympathy and remembrance, and in the language of flowers it symbolizes lasting love and eternal beauty, as well as being a delightful way to say "I miss you".

*Each item is made entirely by hand, by goldsmiths in Italy and includes elements of a floral nature, therefore each product is to be considered unique and may present slight differences from the demonstration model.


We make all our items in 925 silver and in its golden and rosé variants.


For the measurements of the items, the length of the chains and the diameter of the spheres, consult the product sheet found next to each item.

Product care

Resin products are not afraid of atmospheric agents, but for optimal conservation of silver it would be preferable not to expose it to water, soaps and perfumes.


GLS courier (2-3 working days)
All our items are handmade and some of them may take a few days longer, but don't worry, if this is the case you will find it highlighted in the product description.
If not, your product is ready to go and will be with you very soon!

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